Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dang cougars!

Man am I upset right now. The Utes had the cougars on the ropes, one play away from winning in Provo and shutting up all those crazy zoobies. I know some of you are byu fans and I apologize right now for anything I might say that would offend you. But I get pretty emotional about these games. Amy and I have gone to every home game this year and have had a great time, and a roller coaster ride at the same time. She bought two tickets to the byu game a long time ago and was planning on going with Kristi. But then a week before the game I was wondering how to get a ticket and I realized that Kristi might be willing to give me her ticket, since she wasn't really into this season anyway. So she was really nice and let me take her ticket. So Amy and I went down to Provo on Saturday expecting a win, and well, if you don't know what happened you should probably read about it on another website because I will just tell you what the refs did wrong and why the cougars suck. I can't believe we let their receiver get open on a 4th and 18 play. What can you do though? That's what happens in sports sometimes. I love the Utes and I would rather be a Ute and lose than be a cougar and win.

Here are two pictures we took at the game. I have to put them up quick before Amy puts up the exact same pictures on her blog (because I know she will).

Check out the beard. That's about 8 days. It's not as impressive as that guy's mo hawk though.

Matching red pants. We sat way up high in the Northwest corner of the stadium. Our seats had two good features: we had a nice bird's eye view of the field and we were in the middle of a bunch of Ute fans. I love hearing some of the things Utah fans yell at byu fans.