Thursday, November 13, 2008

Travelin' Man

About 4 hours ago I got back from my very first business trip. I went to Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. I has been exhausting. I figured I drove a total of 1,684 miles from Sunday night to Thursday. I also saw 12 homes in that time. I chose to drive this time because I was a little late in planning the trip so a flight would have cost the company a lot more money than normal. But it turned out to be a good trip. I even got to see Mount Rushmore for the first time. By the way, how do they think they can charge $10 to see a national monument. Shouldn't it be free? I pay taxes.

The actual mountain it's on is a lot taller than I thought it would be.

They have a walkway leading to the view point with all the state flags and an inscription for when they were admitted to the union.

I found Utah.

I wasn't planning this, I swear.

And for some reason they have mountain goats roaming around the entrance to the monument.

This buffalo was in Custer National Park. I drove through it on my way to Nebraska. Apparently it has the largest herd of buffalo in the country.

My car got kinda dirty during the trip. Oh, and this is not my car, it's a rental.

Here a some pictures of some of the homes I saw for work.

This is a huge cabin built right on a cliff. That's probably a 200 foot drop.

This would creep me out if it was in my house, but whatever.

If you want cheap gas, move to Wyoming. Holy cow!