Monday, February 18, 2008

Mount Jordan

Finding a job was one of the most difficult and most boring experiences of my life. Just to keep myself occupied while I was waiting for call backs and such, I built a big mound of snow in my backyard. At the tallest point I think it was probably about eight feet high. These pictures are after a few warm days when it melted a little bit. I wanted to build a snow cave and sleep in it but I don't really have time anymore.

So I know in one of my last posts I said that I got a job, and some of you who have been around me in the last week or so know that the job I was talking about in that post only lasted about four hours. It turned out the job wasn't what I expected at all and I had to go in the next day and tell them I didn't want to job. But now I work at a place called Castle Inspection Service. They do home inspections and for now I am just going to be working in the office proof reading reports. Hopefully after a while I can become an inspector and get out of the office. I added a link to their home page (click on the title of my blog), and if you have time to kill you can see what they do, not that it's all that interesting.

Kalen and I are also talking about starting a small business. I don't know how soon that will happen since he and Jaime just bought a house and he is still going to school full time and working. The sooner I do that the better so I don't have to sit in an office eight hours a day. My Mom actually wants me to quit my job and buy a franchise from a family friend for $5,000, which is a really good deal. It's an option that I'm considering. Sorry I know this is long. I wanted to take advice from everyone else and just put pictures, but I have so much to tell you all. I understand if you don't read any of this.