Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last Trip

I just got back yesterday from Idaho from what was probably my last trip as an inspector/appraisor. I know I have only been inspecting homes for about 3 months, but my boss thinks it's time for me to move up in the company. It's not a sure thing yet, but I am the only person who applied for the position. And if all goes as planned, I will be a business analyst by next week.

I'm going to miss this job. It was a pretty sweet gig to be able to have my company pay for me to travel all over the country for weeks at a time. But it will also be a good thing. It will be nice to be able to go home each night after work and to have steady pay.

Anyway, here are some pictures if scenic Boise. I was also in Sun Valley, but I forgot to take any pictures.

This is Boise State's stadium. I didn't get to see the smurf turf, but I was tempted to drive around honking and yelling, "Go Utes!"

How would you like to have to mow this guys lawn? Yikes!