Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So I'm Trying to Buy a Condo

I have been looking now for about 3 months for my own place. At first, I wanted to buy a house so I could have a yard and such. But I changed my mind when I saw a few condos. But I need some help. This has turned out to be much harder than I was expecting. My realtor is doing a decent job finding places, but I'm not liking many of them. Or if I do like them, they turn out to be too expensive. I was hoping maybe some of you had some ideas for me. I am looking for a place that's under $125,000, and relatively close to my work on 33rd South and Highland Drive. It doesn't necessarily have to be that close, but it would be nice. Since I feel like I have exhausted pretty much every other resource on the internet to find a condo, I wanted to ask you all and see if anyone knew about a place.

Maybe something like this:

Okay, so maybe not THAT nice.